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Custom Logos

  1. Artwork for engraving custom logos can be sent in a variety of formats. The preferred formats are: .EPS, .TIF, .AI, .BMP, .JPG.
  2. For .JPG files, please send the original file and do not save as an .EPS.
  3. All artwork must be 300 DPI or greater.
  4. Artwork must be in either black and white format with no grayscale or full color.
  5. Either submit your artwork as an attachment during the order process or email as an attachment to us. Artwork embedded in emails, word documents, or PDF documents cannot be used.

logo resolution chart

Art Alteration / Clean-up

If the supplied artwork is not acceptable, we will contact you to request different art. In some instances, we may be able to alter your artwork in-house to make it usable. However, if we are unable to alter it, our graphics team will redraw it. The cost for this service is usually $25.00 but may be more for complex images. Artwork alterations may cause a slight delay in the production time of your order.

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