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EOS Lip Balm Stick
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1.5 Oz. EOS Hand Lotion
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3 Oz. Essential Oil Infused Bar Soap
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Cranial Massager
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Helping Hand Back Scratcher w/Shoe Horn
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Fashion 4 Nail File & Buffer
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Ultra Thin Pocket Mirror
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Conditioner 4 Oz. Round Bottle
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Shampoo 4 Oz. Round Bottle
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At first I was not very impressed with this company, but almost immediately was proven that people, not machines, still care about their customers and the services they provide.

I heard about this company from a colleague who had done business with them in the past and was pleased with the product they put out. He said he had a little trouble when ordering but was able to get on the phone and get it all worked out. Unfortunately when I went to check out, I was put in the same situation I’ve been in when dealing with other companies as well, with shipping across the country. So I did what I could to explain my situation of a simple email to the company.

Ring ring… Denise Sawatzky (Owner/Operator) of TAGS calls me directly.

After a few short minutes Denise and I had everything worked out and my order was place. I had requested an engraving for my order, and Denise let me know that the Jack, her engraver, would be emailing me a proof to make sure everything looked good before sending my order out. Shortly after, an email from Jack. The proof looked great and it was clear that he did some research to add some small personalized detail, other than the simple verbiage that I provided to them. A very pleasant and welcome surprise.

Denise called again to make sure the proof was good, and shortly after I received another email that my order was shipped!

I wasn’t expecting such amazing and expedited customer service, but this organization gives me faith that there are still companies out there who care about their customers and will do whatever it takes to provide the very best business possible.

Thank you Denise, I will be sure to recommend you all to my friends, family, and colleagues.

— Darren Caster, United Stated Marine Corps —